Thursday, April 4, 2019

Review: Our 100 Feet Long Dog Lead

What? It's a bit crazy, right?

So this is our dog, Dixie. She is a four year old Patterdale Terrier we rescued last year. She is a lovely dog at home, she adores the kids and is playful and noisy - all pretty usual for a young dog really. However, she has a real issue with other dogs. We aren't sure whether she has had a bad experience in the past or whether she is just not used to being around dogs, but in any case it is a real problem. She cries, barks and charges other dogs if let off the lead, and although she would never bite them, her behaviour was enough for us to have to keep her on a short lead and not let her run. This was a real shame. Dixie loves to run!


We took her to a local dog trainer to see if that would fix the problem. Oddly, she was well behaved with the other dogs and was actually good at some of the tricks. However, we did not like some of the ways the dog handler disciplined some of the other dogs, so we sadly had to stop the training.

However, after a couple of weeks we decided to try again else where and chose the local Dog's Trust. I can't recommend them enough - they really assessed and looked after Dixie. They advised us that Dixie has some kind of anxiety around other dogs and that the best thing to do is not to force her to be around them. However, she really loves to run and it was an issue that we couldn't let her off the lead.

The solution? A 100 feet long lead!

I'm not going to write too much about this, the pictures say it all. We are able to let Dixie run, but she is safe and happy because she is still on her lead, and she is no longer a menace to other dogs!

We can't thank the Dog's Trust enough for their advice. We love our 100 feet lead, even if we do look a bit of a sight in the local park, and even though we often get tangled!

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