Thursday, April 4, 2019

Moj Moj Review

"Down with the kids" is probably the last sobriquet that could be used for me.  In my head, kids plays with Transformers and Thundercats (note to self; next time your at your Mum's, go in the loft and get your Tranformers and Thundercats out).  Mention Optimus Prime, Panthro or Mumm-ra to my kids though, and I get nothing more than blank faces.

For that reason, I was delighted to review something that my kids know and love - The Original Moj Moj Crunch.  The scream of delight as Alice and Rosie opened the box could be heard three doors down.  The post-apocalyptic appearance of my living room 30 seconds later after they had finished tearing through the unpacking process was another decent clue that Moj Moj was right up their street.

For the uninitiated, Moj Moj are squishy collectable animals to be collected.  Each one comes in its own cube, with as well as the Moj Moj contains a collector's guide and background.  Some contain a soft gel, while others have a crunchy texture, having been filled with colourful glitter and beads.  The kids spent ages playing with them, deciding which were their favourites and swapping them between the different backgrounds.

Moj Moj are available from all good toy shops, and make brilliant small presents and stocking fillers.

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